Wild Mixology: A Guide to Foraging Natural Cocktails

Wild Mixology: A Guide to Foraging Natural Cocktails
A comprehensive guide on how to prepare cocktails following the foraging philosophy--using only all-natural, gathered ingredients. In the world of cocktails, using foraged plants and materials has recently become all the rage. Part recipe book, part guide, this volume dives into the sustainable practice of wild mixology, offering thirty original cocktail recipes, richly illustrated technical descriptions, and notes on natural ingredients.

Herbs, berries, roots, and barks--readers will learn how to source and process these all-natural ingredients by hand, and transform them into delicious, environmentally responsible drinks, such as a whiskey and rowan fruit cocktail, or gin enlivened with bay leaves, yarrow flower, and juniper. An easy-to-follow guide outlines user-friendly techniques for transforming wild ingredients into unique cocktails that boast a whole new range of tastes and flavors. Completed with a glossary of must-know terms for the aspiring wild mixologist, this book is the authoritative volume on the rising art of foraged cocktails.

Publication Date: 
October 24, 2017