World War I - Eyewitness

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World War I - Eyewitness
Learn what life was like for soldiers, find out what weapons were used to fight, and discover how - after millions of people had died - "the Great War" finally ended.

Eyewitness World War I is an easy-to-understand guide to the world's terrible Great War. Real-life photographs with clear explanations will give you a look into one of the worst conflicts in history. From the causes of the war to the challenges in battle and the consequences afterward, this book covers the intense four-year battle on land, at sea, and up in the sky. Discover life in the muddy trenches and see how the world was changed forever, and understand why WWI's victims must never be forgotten.

Whether you need help on a school project or you just want to learn more about how this devastating conflict happened, Eyewitness World War I provides all the information you'll need accompanied by pictures, illustrations, facts, statistics, and timelines.

Supports the Common Core State Standards.

Publication Date: 
June 20, 2014