Worship in the New Testament:Divine Mystery and Human Response

Worship in the New Testament:Divine Mystery and Human Response
Gerald Borchert provides a unique survey of the New Testament by centering on its understanding, teaching, language, and reflections of worship. He seeks to show how worship language and action lie behind much of the New Testament and how the modern church can gain a new power in worship through renewed reflection on the New Testament. Borchert first looks at the larger New Testament unit-gospels, Pauline letters, pastorals, etc. Then he takes each book in the section, passage by passage, and shows how worship constantly enters into the author's style and purpose in bringing that author's unique meaning to the individual context. He concludes each section with a terse Worship Summary of the biblical book and with questions for the reader to contemplate. Thus Borchert invites the reader to enter into the worship discussion and find ways to give depth, meaning, and hope to personal and congregational worship. At each step, Borchert underlines the deep connection between worship and life.
Publication Date: 
June 1, 2008