The Worst Military Leaders in History

The Worst Military Leaders in History
Spanning countries and centuries, a "how-not-to" guide to leadership that reveals the most maladroit military commanders in history--now in paperback.

For this book, fifteen distinguished historians were given a deceptively simple task: identify their choice for the worst military leader in history and then explain why theirs is the worst.

From the clueless Conrad von Hötzendorf and George A. Custer to the criminal Baron Roman F. von Ungern-Sternberg and the bungling Garnet Wolseley, this book presents a rogues' gallery of military incompetents. Rather than merely rehashing biographical details, the contributors take an original and unconventional look at military leadership in a way that appeals to both specialists and general readers alike.

While there are plenty of books that analyze the keys to success, The Worst Military Leaders in History offers lessons of failure to avoid. In other words, this book is a "how-not-to" guide to leadership.

Publication Date: 
March 22, 2022